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Bullying in the Workplace

Recommended Prerequisites

No prerequisites are required for this course.

Course Overview

Bullying is called the silent epidemic. Although half of workers have experienced or witnessed bullying, policies and laws dealing with it are far less prevalent. This is, in part, because bullying can be hard to identify and address. People wonder, what does bullying look like? How can we discourage it in our workplace? What can I do to protect my staff and co-workers? All of these questions (and more!) will be answered in this course.

Learning Objectives

Course Outline

  1. Course Overview
  2. Defining Bullying
  3. What is Bullying?
  4. Some Scary Statistics
  5. The Costs of Bullying
  6. Why Bullies Do What They Do
  7. Origins of Bullying Behavior
  8. Defining Bullying Behavior
  9. Other Types of Bullying
  10. Building a Shield Against Bullies
  11. Distorted Thinking
  12. Your Toolkit Against Bullies
  13. What to Do If It Happens to You
  14. Telling it Like it Is
  15. What Works and What Doesn’t?
  16. Applying My Skills
  17. What to Do If You Witness Bullying
  18. Speak Up!
  19. Things to Say
  20. Creating an Anti-Bullying Workplace
  21. Creating Anti-Bullying Policies
  22. Implementing and Enforcing Anti-Bullying Policies
  23. Lessons for the Workplace
  24. The Law on Bullying
  25. Personal Action Plan
  26. Recommended Reading List
  27. Post-Course Assessment

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